Aside from Waikiki beach, which is considered as the most popular destination in Hawaii, Oahu also serves as a great place to do some hiking activities. Here are some of the best hiking sites in Oahu.

1. Diamond Head

Known as the most famous of the mountains in Hawaii, Diamond Head or Mount Leahi stands on a spot that was once used as a strategic military lookout. Today, it is home to an FAA building and a National Guard Depot. Early visitors thought that the glittering calcite crystals found at the crater were diamonds which gave it its name.

The trail is relatively easy to hike and would take around 45 minutes. It offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the islands at the top. You would be going though the mountain and then up a hundred concrete steps so make sure that you would be wearing proper footwear. The trail has safety guardrails and starts at the crater floor continuing on for a seventh of a mile heading to the 760-foot summit.

Hikers are advised to bring along a lot of fluids, a pair of binoculars, a flashlight for trekking thought the mountain tunnel and a camera to capture all the spectacular sights at the top.

2. Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is another great hiking site in Oahu, Hawaii, It is a 150-foot waterfall against an almost vertical cliff which is set in a lush rainforest environment. The trail starts over a footbridge continuing on for an eighth of a mile with a gradual ascent. Hikers are prohibited to go to the small pool which is located at the base. There are safe boundaries that are marked clearly with cables and signs in the viewing area.

Hikers are also not allowed to bring their dogs along on this trail because hunting dogs are used to control the population of the wild pigs. They are also advised to wear appropriate footwear as the trail goes through bamboo and rainforest terrains which could be wet or muddy. Also make sure to bring sufficient water, some mosquito repellant and proper rain gear.

3. Pali Lookout

Finally, Pali Lookout is a hiking trail that offers breathtaking views from the top of steep and windy cliffs. This area is extremely windy that mist is carried from nearby waterfalls, making the trail some 20 degrees cooler than Waikiki. It would be wise to bring along a jacket and some rain gear while bracing yourself for a pretty windy hike.

This trail is easy to hike on and offers a wonderfully cool climate change which would be refreshing particularly on hot days. Once you reach the top, you would be able to take in the spectacular view of the island. This is actually the rumored place where 16,000 warriors were driven to their deaths by King Kamehameha.