Waimea Bay Summer 2007
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There’s no place on earth that boasts the same eloquence and beauty of nature as the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii, with its sun-bathed islands and sparkling beaches and many attractive tourist resorts is one of those places where you would love to spend time, whether with family or friends.

Owing to its tropical climate, this lush green island is full of colorful and blooming gardens, cascading waterfalls and endless sand and surf. Hawaii is indeed a dream come true for all those adventurers who wish to experience a vast variety of geographical landmarks and even climate. Little do people know that even though this tropical heaven experiences abundant rainfalls and plenty of sunlight, it is quite possible that the temperatures drop to considerably lower levels in Hawaii and that there are also dryer regions in the place. Yes, Hawaii can get quite cold, especially after sunset and for this reason it is highly recommended that you make arrangements for this unexpected temperature change before hand.

As Hawaii is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world, it is advisable to be aware of certain scams and large tourist crowds. There have been cases of visitors falling prey to scams such as tourists selling shells from places other than Hawaii and overpriced articles such as drinks and fake tours and snorkeling activities. Make sure you tour the place at least once before buying any of the overpriced stuff and overrated articles; that can be bought easily at a much lower price. While visiting Hawaii ensure that you spend your holidays in such a planned manner that it does not dig craters in your wallet and allows you to spend every hard-earned dollar on original and authentic Hawaiian products.

Hawaii is most famous for its well maintained, spectacular beaches. These beaches are vast and boast around 132 islets shoals and reefs and the coastline extends to about 750 miles. Unlike the common belief, Hawaii does not only boast white sand beaches for it has its share of variety and there are beaches in different colors in all of its six islands which include black sand beaches.

One is also free to enjoy the warm sun and get his/her summer tan. However, unpredicted rainfalls often turn the sky cloudy, thus making it difficult for people to get their tans easily.

Surfing and snorkeling is also a major recreational activity in Hawaii and many people explore the magical underwater Hawaiian world with great interest. However, before you take the plunge, make sure you are in a guarded and secured area and have a life guard within close range.

If you happen to visit Hawaii in the high season, i.e. roughly around the months of December to April, you will also get a chance to be a part of the hump-back whale season. This is the season when tourists from all over the world travel far into the ocean to see these giants. Whale watching is one of the most popular Hawaiian events.

Hawaii with its glorious beaches, coral reefs, lush rainforests and sand dunes invites you to experience the ultimate tropical life and be a part of its traditions and culture. It is indeed a place where nature works it wonders to bring to its creatures a land of amazing marvels and beauty.