There are several different ways to enjoy the wonders of Hawaii. Some visitors will pick a spot with a great beach and plunk themselves down for a week of rest and relaxation. If you really want to see the best of Hawaii, however, it’s a good idea to get moving. Hawaii offers six main tourist islands, each with its own unique attractions. Staying on just one island would be missing out on what the rest have to offer.

It’s important to plan ahead if you really want to see as much of Hawaii as you possibly can. Do your research before you go and plan out what you want to see on each island. This way, you can estimate how long you need for each visit. Remember to throw in some time for relaxation at the beach – you might want to see everything, but it’s still a vacation! It’s also important to be flexible. The best travel experiences are the things that you can’t plan in advance. An impulsive side trip can be truly memorable, so don’t view your plan as a rigid schedule, but just as a tentative brainstorm.

Once you have your plan of activities, think strategically about how to go about it. Perhaps you could start at the furthest location from your departure point and work your way back. Also, take some time to think about how you will get from island to island. Air travel is often unavoidable for getting around the islands. Boats are a possibility, but if you have a weak stomach it might be best to stay away, as boat travel around the islands can get fairly rocky. When you’re on one island, think about whether you want to rent a car or a scooter or take public transportation. Choices here will probably vary by island.

Whatever you do, try to stray off the beaten path. Hawaii has so many wonderful and diverse experiences for tourists, it’s the perfect place to try something new you’d never have thought of or see something you’ve never seen before. If you stick to the beach, you will have a wonderful and relaxing time, but if you get out and explore all the different wonders of the islands, you will come home with stories to tell and memories that will stick with you forever. The most important thing to remember in planning your trip is to be open-minded. Don’t just stick with what you’ve always done. If you think outside the box and are open to every new experience, you will get more out of your trip to Hawaii than just a relaxing vacation. You will get a cherished experience.