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Out of all the places people get married throughout the world, Hawaii is one of the most popular. It is no wonder why when you consider the beauty of this tropical paradise; with plenty of fabulous resorts and charming little chapels, it is a perfect place to exchange your vows.

If you are planning a wedding in Hawaii, there are several things you must take into account, including; the location, a celebrant and a photographer, as well as whether or not you want to include some of the things you could only find in Hawaii.

Hawaii Wedding Locations
All of the main islands in Hawaii have unique offerings for the happy couple to make the most of their big day.

Oahu has got some fabulous locations to hold a wedding ceremony not too far away from Waikiki Beach, making it ideal for couples looking to honeymoon in an area close by with an urban atmosphere. Services and accommodation in Oahu is also generally more affordable, so it is a good choice for newlyweds who are saving up for a new home.
Maui is also very popular when it comes to wedding locations in Hawaii. It is home to a plethora of world class beach side resorts and has plenty of areas to have the ceremony; not only by the beach but also in the country. The one downside of having a wedding in Maui is that it can be very expensive as the hotels, food and services here are generally more costly than anywhere else in Hawaii.

A wedding in Kauai is a nice choice for people who want a small island atmosphere surrounding the event. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and resorts here, and while there is less choice than in Oahu or Maui the area is still a prime location to tie the knot.
Hawaii Island, otherwise known as the Big Island, is also a very popular choice for weddings, largely due to the scenery and wonderful locations for ceremonies, as well as the number of high end resorts. The majority of weddings here are along the Kona and Kohala coasts. Hawaii Island also has plenty of activities to enjoy, so it is the perfect place for a honeymoon – not just to spend your wedding day itself.

Many of the weddings that take place in Hawaii are just the ceremony, with an official marriage license from the home state of the bride and groom. If you need to acquire a marriage certificate while in Hawaii, the Hawaii Department of Health will be able to offer you information and assistance.

By far the best way to go about finding a celebrant for a Hawaii wedding is to do some searching online and contact a few who appeal to you. There are plenty of wedding planners all over Hawaii, so if you would like to have everything arranged for you it is not hard. Many people like their celebrant to be a native to the area, to add a real Hawaiian atmosphere to their ceremony; naturally if you are choosing to wed here, you will want the most authentic day possible.

Hawaii Wedding Photographers
Many people try to save money by having a family member or friend do their photography – this is not a good idea. Hire a professional wedding photographer to ensure you get the best possible photographs to remember you special day by. A professional wedding photographer in Hawaii will have experience in setting up beautiful shots and know things an amateur does not. It is vital for the best visual memories of this once in a lifetime event.

Hawaii Wedding Extras
There are plenty of extras you can have in Hawaii to give your wedding that special touch. One popular option is to buy Hawaiian wedding rings made from Koa wood, a beautiful endemic wood to Hawaii that makes for some very unique rings. You might also be interested in acquiring a set of Koa bowls as a wedding gift to yourselves.

Leis are another popular Hawaiian tradition at weddings that should definitely be included in your ceremony. The males tend to wear leis made from maille leaves, and it is a nice look to have the wedding party all wearing leis.

Choosing Hawaii for your wedding is easy; the plethora of options make for a very fun and exciting planning process. Because Hawaii has lots of weddings you can be sure that the professionalism you want to see in your planners, caterers and photographers will be second to none.