Surrounded by world-class hotels and resorts (which were constructed by the brilliant creativity of famous designers and architects), this magnificent paradise island is one of the best places to help relax your body and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  Hotels such as the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Moana Hotel Waikiki are just some of the world’s best hotels, and have served as hosts to many royal personalities, celebrities, diplomatic leaders and ambassadors.

Resorts here in Waikiki are worlds of its own – it’s a place where you can receive service and pampering like only the Hawaiian can, whether its tropical fruits, feasts, parades, exotic souvenirs, Hawaiian food, folk dancing and a truly welcoming atmosphere.  You can find almost anything in the resorts – from luxurious boutiques to exotic gardens, lively night clubs to casinos, almost everything you need to make your vacation perfect.

Waikiki is also home to the premiere seafood restaurants offering the freshest catch of the day.  You can also enjoy signature candlelit dinners here, as you delight in sumptuous French cuisine in the midst of wonderful flower gardens and spectacular water fountains.  Now this is something you must not miss!